Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fine Molds makes really nice kits

Here is their 1/72 scale TIE-Fighter. I call this my 'lucky' model, it took first place in the sci-fi category at an IPMS contest. This was my first really successful wash, testors enamyl over acryl base of 'intermediate blue'. It brought out the details very nicely, I think. I hated the base that came with this, so I bought a clear plastic 'half ball' piece and attached the center-post with 2-part drying clay/putty. I put a bit of a tilt in the center-post to give it more of an 'action' pose.


I love this old Aurora kit. When I got back into models again this was the first kit I did. I recently bought the resin custom head (looks more like the movie 'Zilla) and hands (complete with train). I did this in green for nostalgia's sake, but I may do the next one in a gray/blue to be more faithful to the movies.

My hobby shop

On the Bench

I just finished assembly on the Horizon Apatosaurus. This is the first vinyl kit I've worked on. It needs some putty work, and then I'll prime with testors acryl. Haven't decided on a paint scheme yet. I may experiment with some cheaper (Polar Lights) Dino kits before I start painting this. I'm thinking maybe a bronze with a lighter underside and a heavy wash.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Model Announcement!

Moebius Models has announced a new 14" 'Seaview' will be released this July. Yeah!